A photo album with a selection of photos and videos from the event.


Final standings are now available. Congratulations to all the medallists!


See the competition tasks and all task-related materials.

Contest environment

Supported languages are C++ (g++ 8.3.1, C++17 standard) and Java (OpenJDK 1.8.0). More information on the environment and an ISO image of a contestant’s workstation has been published before the competition. This information is available on a separate page.

Additionally, in the CEOI judge system the contestants were given the following handouts:

Contest rules

Answers to anticipated FAQs:

Full text of the rules.

Online contest

A mirror of the contest took place on Codeforces.

Both contests (day1, day2) are still available for virtual participation.

CEOI regulations

Full text of the CEOI Regulations valid as of CEOI 2019.

Full text of the new CEOI Regulations, as approved by the CEOI IC during CEOI 2019.

Future CEOIs